TubeMix is a DJ-style software interface for Windows
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TubeMix is a DJ-style software interface for Windows with 2 embedded video players to play and mix YouTube videos with other video/audio files, and with integrated playlist management to create multiple playlists of YouTube1 videos and of your own music library on your hard drive. It actually allows you to mix the audio between different player types!

Now that YouTube has nearly every popular music video available in high quality, it is the new trend to stream and mix content directly off the internet! There is a new generation of DJ's getting into what's called "VJ" or "Video DJ", mixing music videos rather than just audio. Whether you're a professional DJ or a YouTube1 video junky, this tool gives you a unique new way to mix your favorite tracks!

TubeMix breaks the barrier between different source formats and allows you to seamlessly cross-fade audio between any 2 supported formats! Finally, one interface to play and mix it all!

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